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In 1967, John and Elizabeth Brown Spencer arrived in Cuernavaca. It was then that John found a place to work tirelessly on his art within the walls of an urban landmark.

John's art includes many styles of art including pen & ink drawing, pencil sketches, oil on canvas, metal sculptures from palm-sized, carved river smooth stones to monumental sculptures walls surrounding the 17th century Church of the Three Kings. But, perhaps his greatest work of art was La Casona. Portions of La Casona are 16th century. Other parts were added as recently as the 1920's.

John Spencer's dream was to provide a space for the display of art and architecture and to avoid the building becoming just aother space for renters.

"You must have spaces. If you get the spaces right, everything else comes together. This is the result of years of preoccupation of space," he said.


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